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David Bolan
Stellar Solar

LTP airs M-F during the first commercial break at 7pm on FM94/9, Easy 98.1, and KSON
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LTP column can be found weekly in The Coast News.

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 This week in San Diego I'm hanging with hanging with Executive Chef Gregory Krol from the Green Dragon Tavern & Museum in Carlsbad.  In Detroit this week I¹m hanging with Chef Thomas Lasher of the Inn Season Cafe. 

On Lick the Plate in San Diego, I'm hanging with Executive Chef Gregor rol from the Green Dragon Tavern & Museum in Carlsbad.  In Detroit I'm at the Inn Season Cafe speaking with Chef Thomas Lasher.


Lick the Plate airs on FM 94/9, KSON and Easy98.1 in San Diego and on 93.9 The River in Detroit. It is also a weekly column in The Coast News covering North County San Diego. Host David Boylan has interviewed over 350 chefs, restaurateurs, growers, brewers and culinary personalities over the past 5 years. Its unique format allows the radio audience to really get to know the culinary talent behind their favorite restaurants. Besides their culinary background and experience, guests share the path to their current position, music memories and dream concert lineup, where they eat and drink around town, their last supper, and an in-depth look at their current menu. This unique format has proven to be very popular with both the culinary community and their foodie audience in both San Diego and Detroit.