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David BoylanThis Week on Lick the Plate -
San Diego Magazine restaurant critic and Food Network personality Troy Johnson

San Diego native and former City Beat rock critic, Johnson switched to food writing five years ago and loved it. His writing was immediately praised and he was tapped to host and write his own prime time series for Food Network. Called Crave, it was centered on his irreverent, humorous take on America's food classics. That show got canned. But he's still in the Food Network stable. He's judged Bobby Flay on "Iron Chef America," and is currently a regular judge on Guy Fieri's new show, "Guy's Grocery Games."

Lick the Plate Radio on M-F at 7pm 102.1 FM and weekly in the Coast News Lick the Plate, the popular Coast News restaurant and food column written by David Boylan made its radio debut on KPRi, 102.1 San Diego on February 27. The show features conversations with different area chefs or proprietors every week and cover a wide range of topics including lifestyle outside of the kitchen, tastes in music, and where the chefs and proprietors eat and drink when they are not working, along with their background and insights into their current establishment.

The format for this show is new and unique to San Diego,” said KPRi Program Director Haley Jones. She added, “With the growing interest in food, along with the rise of chefs and owners as personalities and celebrities, people want to know more about them, and what influences their kitchens and what shapes their menus.”

Lick the Plate columnist and radio show host David Boylan added, “Lick the Plate has always been about storytelling and radio is a perfect medium for us to get these stories out to a large audience. Chefs and restaurateurs have always had big personalities and are full of good stories. Lick the Plate radio will tell those stories and will be produced in a manner that will be appealing to the KPRi audience and include plenty of music in the mix. We will also be exploring farmers markets and other unique stories like the emerging food swap movement.”